Equipped For Eternity Patches.

Handmade DIY silks creened patches I made for my “Equipped For Eternity” side of my craft.

Equipped For Eternity was the moniker I was under while making bamboo plugs and other forms of ear ornaments of a spiritual nature for the body piercing community. Now that the community has turned into an industry, I have turned and walked in the other direction and am making what I want to make on my own terms so that EVERYONE can enjoy what I have to offer if they choose to and not be a part of some elite group of people who pay absurd amounts of money to get something they would enjoy having and hold dear to them. Something affordable, meaningful and not trendy or disposable.

The concept is still something I believe in and that is why I have created this symbol and will continue to make jewelry of this nature.

The symbol is based on and influenced by Elder Futhark Runes, ancient petroglyphs, cave art and black metal art/logos. All things I love.

These are sporadically made by me in my workshop in different incarnations. I randomly pick different colors of inks and fabric ( ALWAYS 100% cotton canvas!).

These will be shipped postage paid via first class mail unless otherwise requested or combined in an order with another item in my store. ( Outside the US is unfortunately $3 cause they raised the postage prices here…sorry folks…I will put in something extra in it for ya!)


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