Equipped For Eternity Leather Patches

Wow. It’s been so long since I posted here. Time flies quickly when one has so much stuff to do. Life changes. Work. I am trying to stay on top of this but at the same time trying to stay away from the internet and spend more time making things with my hands, reading, drawing/painting, natural stuff. Winter is pretty much here so not much outdoors stuff to do in my neck of the woods……..

So here is an idea I have been meaning to execute for some time now and I AM SO GLAD I DID! Leather patches, with my symbol(s) branded into them. Maybe not so much branded as etched into the leather with a wood burning tool. I had a grand time doing these and plan to do many more!

With this first batch, I took the liberty of punching existing holes on the edges so that the recipient would be able to easily attach them with rivets/studs or simple stitching easily. I think the next batch I will leave out the holes and only install them upon request. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

I am also planning on doing some other leather AND screen printed patches featuring the tree of life, labyrinths, axes, trees/forests, runes and other nature and pagan oriented images and symbols.

Without further delay, here are some photographs of the first round of patches. I photographed them in two different settings – with a red plaid background indoors ( shot with a flash) and on a Maple log outdoors ( no flash) to show the full visual dynamics of these items. I have also included a couple of photos of patches I kept for myself and sewed onto my denim jacket.

Thanks for stoppin by here and i promise to get back on track and post more often!

OH! And you can purchase these patches HERE



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