More treasures added to my store!

Dug up a few items and posted them today! Miao earrings, more Kuchi earrings, Tuareg earrings, Fulani earrings and a mystery pair of earrings…….

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From my hands today – warthog tusk necklace

Just made this today!

Large and heavy necklace….inspired by jewelry made by tribal people such as the Dayaks of Borneo, Nagas of India/Nepal/Burma , and various South Pacific Island tribes.
I acquired the warthog tusk from The Bone Room in California many years ago when I lived out there. So , yes, they are legit and not illegal. The Conus shells come from Indonesia, they are a type of currency in some parts. The skull beads are bone from Tibet. The large blue beads are new “vaseline ” beads (and are a beautiful transparent cobalt blue!) and the small beads are antique padres, or wound glass beads. Some of them are transparent in the sunlight.

From conus shell to conus shell, this necklace measures 21″.The bead strands in the back measure a bit under 7″. The necklace itself weighs 11 ounces!

This piece is strung n 100% heavy woven cotton chord.There are additional beads strung within the hollow tusks. Also, behind each conus shell is a vintage mother of pearl button.

This is an amazing and striking statement piece. Not meant to be a costume piece, unless of course you are putting together a SERIOUS costume for a themed event. I was almost tempted to keep this for myself, but I have enough necklaces and am always making more.

You can view it here in my Etsy Store

To learn more about Dayak people CLICK HERE

To learn more about Naga people CLICK HERE

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Custom Brass Coils

I was recently contacted by a gentleman in Europe to make a custom pair of brass coils with a few specifications. I have to admit that it had been a while since I made anything like this, and was not sure if I could pull it off. After several back and forth emails, and hammering out several pieces of brass to get just the right coils, it was done and we were both extremely pleased with the results.

I plan on making more of these in copper, brass and bronze in the near future! I am also happy to accept more custom orders!

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Kuchi Earrings From the Vault

I am slowly but surely digging up treasures from my personal collection, and painfully parting with them. I love these items, and I had hoped to open up a little shop/museum someday, but I have other plans with my life now, and it is time to move on! So here I offer today a small collection of Kuchi earrings. I have more that i will post soon, but I am weary and need to sleep. Until later, here is what I have posted in my Etsy Store.

To learn more about the Kuchi tribe CLICK HERE.

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