Kuchi Earrings From the Vault

I am slowly but surely digging up treasures from my personal collection, and painfully parting with them. I love these items, and I had hoped to open up a little shop/museum someday, but I have other plans with my life now, and it is time to move on! So here I offer today a small collection of Kuchi earrings. I have more that i will post soon, but I am weary and need to sleep. Until later, here is what I have posted in my Etsy Store.

To learn more about the Kuchi tribe CLICK HERE.

IMAG1762 IMAG1763 IMAG1766 IMAG1767 IMAG1768 IMAG1808 IMAG1809 IMAG1810 IMAG1811 IMAG1872 IMAG1873 IMAG1874 IMAG1875 IMAG1876 IMAG1877 IMAG1878 IMAG1970 IMAG1971 IMAG1972 IMAG1973 IMAG1974



2 thoughts on “Kuchi Earrings From the Vault

  1. Gorgeous stuff! I was just asking Alex how you were doing. Miss seeing you on FB. Too bad how some ugly little trolls can ruin things and make your life miserable. Hope all is well with you. I’m going to check out your Etsy page. I love the earrings in the top picture. Are they sized for regular pierced ears? The best of everything to you! Missy Blenkush

    • Thanks! I was just thinking about y’all! the wires on those are abit biggere than “normal” piercings, but you would be suprised how big “normal” piercing holes are sometimes. They tend to strectch by themselves over time!

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