Welcome to the world of Cavewizard! My real name is Matthew. I adopted the name Cavewizard when I was interviewing bands for the Doom Metal Zine Downtune Despondency several years ago. I chose that name because I have tattoos of anthropomorphic shamans from the  La Trois Freres caves in France. Cave art, ancient spirituality/shamanism, Elder Futhark Runes, and primitive and aboriginal art and body adornment are all elements that influence my art and jewelry.

At one time I was making large quantities of bamboo ear plugs for body piercing shops around the world under the name Equipped For Eternity. I once read a National Geographic article ( the year escapes me) on mummies in Peru, being buried with sacred ornaments and treasures.I liked the idea that these ornaments were held sacred and religious, not trendy and disposable, and that is how I hope that people feel about the items they acquire from me. I still keep this name for that reason.

My presence online is sporadic but I am hoping to start posting more as I create new items. I am always happy to work on custom requests so please don’t hesitate to contact me!



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