New Items posted!

Been busy photographing many treasures from the vault! This batch is all Dayak Aso earrings. I will be posting much more items from other parts of the world the next few days! But for now, here are the new items!

They can be found HERE!



Pulling more items from the vault

I have been unpacking MANY things since I have moved, discovering things I had forgotten I even had! So I have (painfully) decided to part with three pairs of old Dayak bronze ear coils. These are now available in my etsy store HERE.



Dayak Earweights from the vault!

Been diggin in my box of treasures again, and today I offer up these two wonderful pairs of Dayak ear weights. These are both perfect, wearable pairs! You can find the HERE!

100_3073 - Copy 100_3073 100_3074 - Copy 100_3074 100_3075 100_3076 100_3077 100_3078 100_3079 100_3081 100_3082 100_3083 100_3084


First New Items of the Year!

Well I am sorta settled in, still settin up shop and sorting through many many projects I need to finish……MANY – bamboo ear plugs, various forms of antler jewelry, copper and brass earrings and wooden runes just to name a few…..

So here I present a brand new idea – neck pieces made with old/vintage Kuchi earrings. I obsessively collected all sorts of antique and vintage ear jewelry from all over the world hoping to open up a little museum. I have decided that is not in the cards for me so I am indeed selling most of it, and making stuff with some of it. I have a large amount of these Kuchi earrings that hail from Afghanistan and Pakistan, mostly singles. Each one, even within pairs are quite unique and have many interesting features and tiny details. I especially am drawn in by the colored glass inlays. I managed to match some old and new glass trade beads as well as other components to complete these intense necklaces. They are just the beginning of what is to come in the near future as I have a pile of these earrings to plow through. You can find the HERE!

100_3031 100_3030 100_3029 100_3028 100_3027 100_3025 100_3023 100_3021


Cavewizard has moved!

After another long stretch of silence, I am back. I have successfully relocated in Bend Oregon and hope to get back to work very soon! I will be posting newly handcrafted  items along with some more ethnographic antiques from the vault!



More treasures added to my store!

Dug up a few items and posted them today! Miao earrings, more Kuchi earrings, Tuareg earrings, Fulani earrings and a mystery pair of earrings…….

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