First New Items of the Year!

Well I am sorta settled in, still settin up shop and sorting through many many projects I need to finish……MANY – bamboo ear plugs, various forms of antler jewelry, copper and brass earrings and wooden runes just to name a few…..

So here I present a brand new idea – neck pieces made with old/vintage Kuchi earrings. I obsessively collected all sorts of antique and vintage ear jewelry from all over the world hoping to open up a little museum. I have decided that is not in the cards for me so I am indeed selling most of it, and making stuff with some of it. I have a large amount of these Kuchi earrings that hail from Afghanistan and Pakistan, mostly singles. Each one, even within pairs are quite unique and have many interesting features and tiny details. I especially am drawn in by the colored glass inlays. I managed to match some old and new glass trade beads as well as other components to complete these intense necklaces. They are just the beginning of what is to come in the near future as I have a pile of these earrings to plow through. You can find the HERE!

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From my hands today – warthog tusk necklace

Just made this today!

Large and heavy necklace….inspired by jewelry made by tribal people such as the Dayaks of Borneo, Nagas of India/Nepal/Burma , and various South Pacific Island tribes.
I acquired the warthog tusk from The Bone Room in California many years ago when I lived out there. So , yes, they are legit and not illegal. The Conus shells come from Indonesia, they are a type of currency in some parts. The skull beads are bone from Tibet. The large blue beads are new “vaseline ” beads (and are a beautiful transparent cobalt blue!) and the small beads are antique padres, or wound glass beads. Some of them are transparent in the sunlight.

From conus shell to conus shell, this necklace measures 21″.The bead strands in the back measure a bit under 7″. The necklace itself weighs 11 ounces!

This piece is strung n 100% heavy woven cotton chord.There are additional beads strung within the hollow tusks. Also, behind each conus shell is a vintage mother of pearl button.

This is an amazing and striking statement piece. Not meant to be a costume piece, unless of course you are putting together a SERIOUS costume for a themed event. I was almost tempted to keep this for myself, but I have enough necklaces and am always making more.

You can view it here in my Etsy Store

To learn more about Dayak people CLICK HERE

To learn more about Naga people CLICK HERE

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Equipped For Eternity Leather Patches

Wow. It’s been so long since I posted here. Time flies quickly when one has so much stuff to do. Life changes. Work. I am trying to stay on top of this but at the same time trying to stay away from the internet and spend more time making things with my hands, reading, drawing/painting, natural stuff. Winter is pretty much here so not much outdoors stuff to do in my neck of the woods……..

So here is an idea I have been meaning to execute for some time now and I AM SO GLAD I DID! Leather patches, with my symbol(s) branded into them. Maybe not so much branded as etched into the leather with a wood burning tool. I had a grand time doing these and plan to do many more!

With this first batch, I took the liberty of punching existing holes on the edges so that the recipient would be able to easily attach them with rivets/studs or simple stitching easily. I think the next batch I will leave out the holes and only install them upon request. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

I am also planning on doing some other leather AND screen printed patches featuring the tree of life, labyrinths, axes, trees/forests, runes and other nature and pagan oriented images and symbols.

Without further delay, here are some photographs of the first round of patches. I photographed them in two different settings – with a red plaid background indoors ( shot with a flash) and on a Maple log outdoors ( no flash) to show the full visual dynamics of these items. I have also included a couple of photos of patches I kept for myself and sewed onto my denim jacket.

Thanks for stoppin by here and i promise to get back on track and post more often!

OH! And you can purchase these patches HERE